9 thoughts on “Somewhere behind the High Street….

  1. Norman turn off Bridge Road into Wharf Street cross Brougham Street and there was a dirt track down to the Quayside Smiths scrap yard was on the right of the track at the junction of Brougham Street and the property went along to Moat Street.
    I knew the Smiths lived locally to keep an eye or the premises although which house I do not know, we often borrowed their wagon to run material from the main workshop of Quayside Engineers down to the bottom assembly shop on the Quay, so I knew them from a work view though not of them personally.


    • Thank you Frank, so it covered an area that is now Jewsons car park, across the road and into car park at the back of Mecca. There must be a photo on here somewhere of the back of the property, facing the river. They lived on Brougham Street between Wharf Street and Tower Street so an easy walk to open in the mornings!!


      • Norman the Building that was Atkinsons (is it now Jewsons?) we built over what was the yard of Quayside Engineers so Smiths would be the width of a dirt track away and directly in line. I remember a Stan Smith who was a welder living directly across the road from the works and the next two houses were the offices of Quayside Eng.


      • Remember the Chinese Laundry on Bridge Road. He lived in Moat Street and I think next door to the Littlewoods. Dave Littlewood worked in the Template shop at HW’s. The owner of the Chinese Laundry was called Gunn. His son Roy worked with me as a joiner at Hills.


  2. Not one for a dark night! Looks like it could be the back alley that had one entrance at the northern end of Brougham Street, ran parallel to, and after a left turn joined, Tower Street. I think we are looking west from the end of Brougham Street, towards the back of buildings on Bridge Road. The southern range of buildings on the Castle Brewery yard would be on our right. Does anyone know what the building on the left with the small tower was ?


    • Jonathan I would say that is correct, the Castle Brewery on the right and in my time the CWS Jam factory to the left what it was before becoming the Jam Factory I do not know although Mellors Mill was at the bottom from where the photo would be taken, they also owned some property on Brougham Street.
      Tower Street only ever had houses on the South side opposite the Jam Factory and ran from Bridge Road into Brougham Street which extended North to the alley shown with four or five houses. Brougham Street itself ran South crossing Wharf Street and ending in Moat Street which was blank at one end and had an exit on Bridge Road.
      The Riverside of Brougham Street was all works buildings, the other side housing with a General Shop on the corner of Wharf Street Brougham Street, that area had a vibrant community of people, I got to know some of them well and later as they were moved on to the outskirts would see them on occasion.
      Many enclaves such as that, born living and dying in the same area were suddenly broken up and scattered in the rush to modernise in the aftermath of war, not always a good thing to happen.


      • Frank, did you know the Smith family who lived on Brougham St? Also I am trying to locate where the Smith’s scrap yard was, any help would be appreciated.


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