Sergeants of the Durham Light Infantry in the Great War

t11261This picture shows four sergeants of the Durham Light Infantry at the front, probably somewhere in France or Flanders, during the Great War.  The man standing on the left is Herbert Jordison, grandfather of the donor Peter Jordison

4 thoughts on “Sergeants of the Durham Light Infantry in the Great War

  1. Bill Ayre,
    My grandfather was with the 5th DLI as a Cpl and on return wounded was promoted to CSM so his army record states but Died and was buried in Thornaby cemetery in 1919.
    We were bombed out in Thornaby when Pumphreys was hit and lost all photos.


    • He managed to survive the war Paul but passed away a few years later aged 35 as a result of the terrible gassing that went on. My grandmother was left with four boys all under ten to bring up alone, my father being the baby aged just two, hard times indeed


      • Super photo Peter. My wife’s grandfather was missing and presumed dead until they found him wounded in a Canadian Hospital. Apparently he’d been in a pile of bodies and when his hand moved he was pulled out and his wounds treated. Her gran received a telegram to say he was missing and then another 6 weeks later to say he was in hospital. He wasn’t sent home but back to the front. After wars end he was sent to Egypt to serve so he could recuperate (he was shot in the lung). He got out in 1922. No pension, nothing.


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