The Clarendon, Dovecot Street

t13233Three photographs showing The Clarendon on Dovecot Street. This old pub has been converted into an ‘open all hours’ corner shop. It’s nice to see it is being used rather than letting this old established building go to ruin. September 2013.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.



3 thoughts on “The Clarendon, Dovecot Street

  1. I was trying to remember the dance trainer in the town, it was Cochrane’s and being in a dance clinch with Ruby was very embarrassing to a sixteen year old and even more so when her husband danced you round the room. Some of the girls also learning took us lads around which was how I met Flo who with Ruby did the Latin. The last time I heard of Ruby she was in London training dancers, lovely if blushing memories of a different time.
    This is the first post on my new Laptop which arrived today.


  2. You never forget the first pub you were thrown out of, well I was only sixteen. Starting work at Brown’s Sheet iron Works just before Christmas and two months from my sixteenth birthday the older lads decided it was time I went to the big boys dances at the Palais and I could not wait, they had some great parties in those dance halls Christmas and New Year. I had blotted my copy book when they saying we will see you there meaning the Clarendon or the Stork the two watering holes before going into the Palais I had gone straight to the dance thinking that was what they meant after all the dancing to me was the important bit.
    Having had the time of my life in a room full of girls and very short on men dancing every dance and having my card marked for more after the interval I went for a cup of tea at the café.
    In came the lads “where have you been, WHAT you have been here since eight?? you posh Norton G### have no idea”, (anyone from Norton was a posh G## no matter your circumstances).
    So my ear was bent, “you start by having a pint or two or three, girls like to smell the beer on you? Then you look around for the ones not dancing much they will be more pliable when it comes to us handsome men walking them home?? Wait until the floor is full then you do not show yourself up? And more duff advice like wait until you drop the girl off before buying your fish and chips after the dance it is cheaper”!!
    By now truly Bamboozled the music started and a Tango was announced as we stood there Flo the local Tango Queen who was also teaching me at the dancing school in Town came over, come on Frank and we whirled onto the floor leaving a gang of hanging jaws in our wake, when Flo danced she got space and an audience, some while later the lads were asking me how the h### I had managed that and where did you learn to dance as most of them could only shuffle.
    The next couple of weekends I went to the Stork in the back room no problem apart from not liking beer, then they said see you in the Clarendon, into the back room the lads brought the beer in but the Landlord smelling a rat also came in. “You out and come back when you are old enough” that was me off the hook I was in the dance hall at eight every time so thank you Clarendon it got me out of drinking beer, well for a while.


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