Charlies Bar, Bowesfield Lane c2013

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A set of photographs depicting another derelict pub – Charlies Bar on Bowesfield Lane, Stockton. Before it became Charlies it was the Drum and Monkey and before that the Teesdale. Was Charlies named after a local boxer of the same name? September 2013.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

11 thoughts on “Charlies Bar, Bowesfield Lane c2013

  1. In the early 60s we used to go there for a jug of beer for our grandma who lived 22 Adam Street. Marty was the name of the landlord then.


  2. I believe it was named Charlies bar after the last owner, who was Charlie, he owned the bottom house at Haverton Hill and when that closed he bought the Drum and Monkey and renamed it


    • I lived in Adam street in the late 50s early 60s at that time the pub was named the ”Teesbridge Hotel” it was run by a Mr. McEnty? known locally as Matty? of Irish origin.In later years it was run by a man known as Cockney Charlie an ex driver from the local haulage firm Smith & Robinson.Then later again the pub was run by a traveller Charlie Tyres…


    • I believe it was called the Drum and Monkey because the pub was once owned by Alan Drumand who had the scrap yard adjacent to the pub, this scrap yard later belonged to Kevin Danks.


      • It was named the Drum and Monkey when bought by Jim Danks. The Prince of Wales pub in Hope Street was known as the Drum and Monkey and this is where my Uncle Jim got the name. It was later ran by Kev Danks (Jim’s son)


  3. The pub reminds me of the one on the corner to where “Sound it out Records” are….can’t think of the street but was up in the summer and it was being worked on, a refurb maybe?


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