21 thoughts on “The Theatre Hotel, Yarm Lane

  1. This pub was originally owned by Thomas Wright, an aerated water manufacture, who had premises in the adjoining Yam Street. In 1903 William Younger, brewers, Edinburgh purchased the Theatre Hotel at auction for 7,000 pounds.


  2. My gran and grandad used to run this pub many years ago Mary Riley and Billy Riley he used to bare knuckle fight 18 stone big guy with thumb missing and half finger. I think he was 68 when he died of cancer.


  3. Rab
    Began my drinking life in this pub at age 15 about 1975. The toilets were antiquated and there was a small room out the back with a dart board. I remember the landlord John and a very old barmaid called Violet


  4. i used to go in here in the 1970,s with my boyfriend at the time Barry Aitchison sadly now deceased . The landlord was called John who later had a pub in portrack .


  5. My parents managed the pub until 1976 it’s was call The Theatre but had nickname The Jockers from Jocker Brown.
    I went to Bowesfield Lane Infants, until I moved to Billingham in summer of 76.


  6. I was told that it was called “Jockers” after Jocker Brown who had been a landlord there following him having been a foreman at ICI.


  7. This is one of my old haunts, great pie and mushie peas, I must admit I have not been in there for many years, Jockers was always Jockers as far as I know. I understand it’s changed in the last few years. The next time I’m in Stockton I’ll go for a pint there.


    • As mid 1960s Ashmore’s apprentices we would meet in Jockers or Ashmore’s Recreation Club in Oxbridge/Fairfield. The fabulous Kirk was then the favoured destination for further entertainment.


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