3 thoughts on “Five Lamps, Thornaby

  1. I look at Thornaby Town Hall clock in that image and think of the changes that that clock has seen over the years. Thornaby railway station demolished, the cinema/Bingo hall, butchers on Mandale Road, the Newspaper shop, vacuum cleaner shop, library on George Street, and the many other shops, the men and women (mostly men) who would hang around the five lamps, all gone. My nan would buy meat from the butchers in Mandale Road and I would get a penny arrow toffee bar free! As a little boy I would pop into the library reading room on the left hand side to the main entrance and stand with all the old men reading the days newspapers…fantastic and carefree times!


    • Hello Stephen. I do not know you and you do not know me but my name is Sandra Dover and lived in Thornaby till 1976 when I came here to teach in Rotherham. Reading through the post brought back many memories for me. My nana Violet May Harris was Mayor of Thornaby 1965 to 1966 so she spent a lot of time in the town hall. Yes, many changes, happy times in view of what is happening today.


  2. Anyone under the age of 30 would find it incredible to stand at this spot today and believe that a vibrant, proud, hardworking community once lived and worked here. My mother came from North Ormesby, another 19thC. small town industrial community, which was established for much the same reasons as ‘Thornaby’ and has now sadly suffered a similar fate, by being almost wholly erased.


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