7 thoughts on “Blacketts and the Stag Inn

  1. Yes, this was the side entry to Blacketts Dept. Store in Silver St.

    Note the very grand bay-window to the 1st. floor with it’s acres of glass, carved mullions and curved, or radius glazed corners. This indicates that the store required a huge inrush of natural light at this point to the interior from what was a fairly narrow street. Particularly useful for assessing colours to fashion items, or furnishings in daylight.

    Contrast this example of grand 19thC/early 20thC Vicwardian architecture, with it’s decorative dutch-style upper gables complete with stone ball-finials, and the possibly mid 18thC almost ‘cottage like’ premises occupied by Percy Lockwood’s, once very popular shoe-shop, part-shown in the bottom left.


  2. My Aunt Vera worked at Blacketts before she got married, and my Nanna shopped there quite often. It was a big shop.


  3. This was the side entrance to blackets store which was in addition to the high street entrance it was a large store and a good one bought a kitchen set just after i got married and it lasted for years .


    • Agree. When we married in 67 someone gave us £10 to choose our own present. Went to Blacketts and got a coffee table and coffee set and with the half crown change I bought a rolling pin. Table and coffee set long gone but have never had the need to buy another rolling pin!!!


  4. Blacketts store was on the high street . It was a huge department store not a small shop like this projects at all


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