Wilsons, Stockton High Street

Wilsons Department store, ‘Everything for the home. Everything for the family’.

WF Wilson was established 1856 at no. 65 before moving to no. 55 in 1888. It was a double fronted warehouse with two stories above (1888 – 1968), Stockton High Street.




A 1952 advert for Wilsons department store courtesy of Keith Stephens.






8 thoughts on “Wilsons, Stockton High Street

  1. My husband’s first job was in Wilson’s store, he started as packer or shelf filling then, his first job on the curtains and material department.
    He had a photo of a Christmas meal with all the staff. Unfortunately my daughter our first child disfigured all my husband’s photos!
    I would like to know is there more photos as my husband was a teen in that era.


  2. In 1965 my friend and I were two 14 yr old tearaways and broke into Wilsons, we went down a side street back alley into to Wilsons yard on the right and got through the window. We took loads of stuff and went to Hartlepool where we got caught on the beach with the goods and ended up back in an approved school in Gateshead. My friend died in 2000. I’m now 67 and in ill health. Looking back I regret ever getting in trouble.


  3. This is same store but of a later date that I’ve commented on good to see. Didn’t know how there was any pictures often looked as this store was owned by my mother’s husbands family.


  4. we bought all our furniture for our first house in the early 60/s from wilsons including a three piece suite made of jersey wool .lovely store.


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