Today We Celebrate Victory Certificate, 1946

t13730Certificate issued to British school children by King George VI commemorating the Allied victory in the Second World War, dated 8 June 1946. On the reverse is a list of important war dates.

Images courtesy of Cynthia Lowry.






7 thoughts on “Today We Celebrate Victory Certificate, 1946

  1. I still have my certificate from the king. If the cert was issued on June 1946 I would have been only 2 years and 9 months old and not at school. I have no other siblings so the cert was definitely issued to me. I now reside in Australia but will pass my cert down to my son or daughter who is now in New Zealand. What a journey for a special slice of history.


  2. I was very moved when I came across the King’s letter which I found in the family Bible… surprised too by the quality of the paper used. I had received it when a nine year old pupil in Woodlands school, Quakers’ Yard and wonder if my old school friends still have it. I can’t remember exactly when it was given to me. Is it possible that all the primary school children received it in 1946? How many were printed? I consider myself to be very fortunate to still have the King’s letter in my possession as it brings back the memory of the fond respect we had for the King and Queen and the feeling that we were all pulling together in the same direction for the War to come to an end. I would certainly like to learn how the idea of this letter came about. It must have cost quite a bit at that time when bare necessities were a luxury.


  3. I and my cousin were schoolchildren on the first anniversary of the end of WW2 but neither of us had heard of it until I read about it in a book, nor did we receive one. We are deeply interested to know why and if this omission can be redressed.


  4. A nice little piece of history for the children to have. I was at school when the war broke out but by the time these certificates were issued I was left school.


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