Stockton High Street seen from the Town Hall

t13794In his youth my brother John worked for the council and somehow managed to get up to the Town Hall clock when it was being cleaned and/or refurbished and took these photographs. The gentlemen at the clock face are unknown to me except for bottom right, Jack Taylor t13799the foreman. Does anyone recognise the others?

The buses seem to be in two different liveries which would suggest it was around the time we became Teesside.

Photographs and details courtesy of t13795Mike Hardy.


7 thoughts on “Stockton High Street seen from the Town Hall

  1. back row l to r jackie dawson , freddie till, jimmy crawford. front unknown jack haggerdton (foreman) jack taylor (chargehand) i was apprentice painter and decorator with all of those shwn in the 1960s


  2. Of course it was a busy High Street especially on market days because supermarkets had not been invented and 90% of the people using it lived within walking distance or in our case Norton a five minute bus service to and from the town all day.
    The market stalls were run by mainly local people with some Haberdashers and such coming in from Leeds or further afield. Norton and Stockton were surrounded by Market Gardens which brought fresh produce into town, we had butchers bringing in fresh baked pies and meat for the Sunday roast, fish merchants with fresh fish from Redcar and Hartlepool, tripe merchants, local and we ate a lot of it in wartime.
    What happened you may ask? The Town was cleared of old houses, everyone wanted one of the new ones the Council were building which meant they moved away from the town had their own parade of shops and travelling green grocers butchers and bread vans, we still used the market but less. Market Gardens became housing estates so now most of the food we got fresh has to travel, out of town markets sprang up with free parking, People could afford cars and used them, it was obvious the Town would suffer and then the bus services dwindled.
    We cannot have our cake and eat it, all the huge supermarkets are packed out with people stocking up fridges and freezers, we did not have them at the time, now you see the vans dashing round dropping off the shopping you do not even need go to the shops.
    The Town once the work is finished will become an events arena with Cafe’s and Coffee outlets, 160 years ago there was one shopping street and the high street was Town houses, it looks to me that it will go back to that, people will want the riverside view and the market now a sliver of what it once was will be gone.


    • Hi Cathy, I was in Stockton a couple of weeks ago, it certainly has changed, I’m hoping with the changes it will give some of its character back in a sort of modern way.


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