Georgian Building, Smith Street – Stockton, 2014

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I was in Stockton on Thursday 16 October and came across this sad sight or perhaps it should really be site?

It would seem that the end is nigh for this once magnificent Georgian building which has featured on Picture stockton several times in the past. I was told by the site foreman that they are making the building safe and trying to preserve what they can on the advice of English Heritage who are due to make another visit soon.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

12 thoughts on “Georgian Building, Smith Street – Stockton, 2014

  1. I have just been in contact with Mr Stuart Duffy of William Lane Ltd in Middlesbrough, Lanes are a thriving foundry that started in Smith Street in the 1800s. I understand from him that at that time there were other metal workers in the street.
    Can you tell me if the site has been levelled or if anything remains?


  2. What a shame another demolition…the Kellington wasn’t rotten and like this building had no care given to it and was torn down… enough heritage has been lost… what will go up in its place?


  3. It’s gone !
    I had a walk past the site this afternoon and any rescue attempt has become a salvage reclamation operation as all of the building now appears to have been levelled . Such a shame but perhaps it was too far gone for any realistic attempt at preservation ?
    Let’s hope there is some money in the council pot to preserve other similar buildings in and near the High Street once the ‘crazy paving’ project is finished ? Let’s hope !


  4. I’m sure this is 15 Smith Street, the home of my husband’s relatives named Ayre. The house was used as a home and a business of Tallow Chandlers and was well established within Stockton. This house is a listed building and there had been a campaign by various people to the Council to preserve this building, unfortunately this has clearly failed.


    • Dawn,
      My late grandmother, (Lizzie Ann Doughty, nee Prest, 1884-1976) used to tell me that her grandfather ran a ship’s chandlers at this property. Does this fit in with your research?


      • I believe your grandmother’s grandfather would be Thomas Ayre who was the chandler at this address . He was my g-g-g grandfather . Thomas’s daughter Mary Ayre married William Prest .


  5. On first glance, it only appears that yet another part of Stockton’s history and heritage (albeit in a somewhat obscure part of the town by my reckoning) is going. Though this is in fact a preservation/renovation? Like the rest of the town centre revamping, one can only wait and see what the results will be, and if they are worth it.


  6. Shocking that Newport Bridge attracts an extra £2.5m pound in contingency funding for repairs, yet preserving a small part of Stockton’s heritage attracts NOTHING!!!!!!


  7. And so it goes… Checking the photos of this building over the years, it seems that it had no chance. Once what appears to have been a beautiful town house, it became neglected, disused, abused, and now appears beyond hope. The demolition photo of the High Street from a couple of months ago caused me the same distress. My opinion only, but if this building had been in Cheltenham or Bristol, Maidenhead or Gloucester, the story would have been different. Don’t it always seem to go; you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone? Not my words: Canadian singer of the 70s, Joni Mitchell’s. In Stockton, it really seems to be “pave Paradise, put up a parking lot.”


  8. Doesn’t look like they are preserving that much in these pictures, as they look to have pulled half of it down. It’s a disgrace to let it get to the condition its in. yet funds have been given for the much self lauded “North East Quarter” [if I’ve given it it right title] of the high street. Money which I believe to a big extent has been spent to preserve buildings that are in the hands of private landlords who have benefited greatly from this money…


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