14 thoughts on “Dixon and Roy Garage, Norton Road

  1. Billingham Road, also called Tanner’s Bank, is itself a ‘by-pass’, the original highway being South Road, which, on curving round to Billingham, becomes what is now ‘Old Road’.
    The route via Tanner’s Bank and Billingham Bank is a much later addition.


  2. One of the partners went to Stokesley and had a business there on the Trading Estate on Station Road. He sold old Morris Minors that had been made good and also spare parts for these vehicles. Did he start that off at the Norton showroom?


  3. Wasn’t Dixon & Roy’s Showroom, the Teesside area-agent for the now little heard of, Italian ‘Lancia’ cars? I always thought it a bit of a coincidence, that the local-agent for that other famous Italian car-marque ‘Alfa Romeo’, was Barry Thorman’s Showroom, ‘just up the hill’ on the corner of Norton Ave opp. The Fiesta Club. I once knew Noel Wallace from Roseworth, Thorman’s chief mechanic and an ardent Motor-rallying fan in the 1960’s. Sadly Noel passed only last year, aged just 67.


      • It’s certainly called Billingham Rd, on the S’ton side of the Red Lion roundabout! However, that section (in front of the T.A. centre) is a 20thC. ‘by-pass’, the original road having gone past the White Swan Pub and turned right at South Rd to continue north (via Tanner’s bank) tp Billingham, it being part of the old A19 highway to S/land. The old horse drawn stage-coaches had a real ‘pull’ up the bank to contend with when coming from the north, and the carefully positioned corner windows to the 18thC. Red Lion Inn enabled the landlord / travellers to observe the coach’s approach at a distance. The Inn’s extensive stabling facility and yard, stood on the land where the ‘new’ by-pass section now meets the roundabout.


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