8 thoughts on “Clinkards, Stockton High Street

  1. I worked in Clinkards on leaving school in 1961. Trained as a children’s shoe fitter and assisted Mr Tom Purvis the window dresser for Clinkards on the days he came to Stockton. We won several prizes for best windows in High Street and were presented with certificates in the Town Hall. The side window and door of the shop (Finkle Street) are in Preston Park Museum.


  2. I’ve always loved shoes and have many, many pairs now. In the 60s I could only look longingly through the windows of Clinkards as I could never afford to buy from there.


  3. A beautiful example of an extremely detailed, early 19th C., timber shopfront, which I believe was, quite rightly, carefully removed, stored and ultimately re-erected at Preston Park Museum upon the development of the Castlegate Centre. I seem to recall that the original retail unit on this site had been a grocers / tea merchant. Can anyone confirm this? Is there a relevant photograph on this website?


    • Clinkards didn’t have a shop in Thornaby. When I was there in 60’s there was Middlesbrough, Stockton and Redcar. Later on there was a shop in Northallerton. They now have lots of shops and have expanded all over much of England. All the sons worked in the business and I think the grandchildren now run it after the brothers sadly died over the years.


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