14 thoughts on “Science Master, Fairfield Secondary Modern c1961

  1. My connection was with Grangefield Grammar School For Girls and then The Grange – not with Fairfield – but I’m pretty sure I can recall correctly that our form teacher (housed in the science labs) was a Mr Dillon too. Our form was 5Di. A relation perhaps?


  2. Hi. Dave,
    Yes John Buckley is my younger brother, there were Seven boys in our family and no girls, I think our dad gave up trying for a sister for us! John will be 64 now and still working (last I heard he was working on an oil rig somewhere). He lives in Hartburn now.


  3. Yes I remember Mr Dillon, as I attended Fairfield sec. Mod from 1961- 1964 good times especially my very last day there before setting out into the big bad world and looking for a job! As John mansell remembers the knuckle on the head was always dreaded, and I had a few! I believe that one lad in our class (Miss Whittingham was class teacher) reported Mr Dillon to the headmaster and after that he stopped doing it. I was always led to believe Miss Whittingham left teaching to become an air hostess, she was certainly a “looker” even to a thirteen year old like me. Thanks for publishing the photo and the comments, certainly brings back some, almost, happy memories of school days, keep up the good work.


    • Colin,
      Sorry, but I am getting you mixed up with a John Buckley who I used to go to school(s) with, is he your younger brother as I know he had many brothers ?. Also, you are correct about Miss Whittingham, like you she was our first year teacher then she did leave and become an air hostess, I can remember our class receiving a post card from San Francisco.


  4. Just another thought from those days at FSM school, it was a mixed school, but boys only did Science, girls did Biology, boys did technical drawing whilst girls did sewing, boys did metalwork or woodwork whilst girls did domestic science (cookery). My how times have changed now what with equal opportunities.


      • Hi Brian Vance. She was in my year. Her name was Christine Jenkins and she swapped places with Keith Bradshaw who came in with us to do cookery.


  5. I went to Fairfield Secondary Modern school from 1962 to 1966 and certainly remember Mr Dillon. He certainly knew his stuff but from what I remember about him (no disrespect intended) he ruled the Science classes with a rod of iron and didn’t suffer fools or misbehavior lightly. But in hindsight, what with gas and many other chemicals that we used during class experiments, he needed strict discipline. There were a few other teachers with the same methodology, but all in all it was a very good school.


    • I was at Fairfield during 1961 and 62, sorry I don’t remember you Dave, but I do remember Mr. Dilllon! I remember that if when he asked a question and you didn’t put your hand up, he would say ” join the merry throng” and you would have to stand in a line in front of that high desk and wait your turn for a ‘nig nog’, which was a crack on the top of the head with his knuckle that almost made your legs give way.
      A pity the kids are all facing the wrong way to see if there are any familiar faces.
      Thanks for posting this Dave.
      john mansell


      • The sharp end of the knuckle to the top of the head was a favourite form of attack, especially from behind when you were not looking.


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