Richard Hind Girls c1969/70

t14098A photograph taken either the summer of 1969 or the summer of 1970 of 5A girls at Richard Hind Secondary Tech School.

Back row (l-r): Suzanne Lucas, Gwen Carter, Lesley Barber, Leslie Watson, Audrey Neville,Trudy Dodd, Lynda Knott.

Middle row (l-r):  Christine Paine, Sally Witts, Christine Fawdon, Lorraine Hodgeson.

Front Row (l-r); Catherine Bell, Elizabeth Hindmarsh, Dylis Hymer?, Corinne Smith.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

7 thoughts on “Richard Hind Girls c1969/70

  1. I remember Elizabeth Hindmarsh, even though I have never seen her since 1967 and I don’t think I ever spoke to her, she haunts me to this day……….


  2. My twin brother Martin and I were in that same class at St Johns as Catherine and Trudy, also twins Philip and Michel Rambert. We lived round the corner on Dundee Avenue.


    • Catherine Bell lived in Dover Road opposite to the entrance to both the schools in the fifties, her father Harry was in St Johns Church choir.


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