Newtown Junior School c1973

t14131Back Row (l-r): Clifford Chambers, Martin Eels, Christopher Brown, Michael Bellerby, John Addy.

Middle Row (l-r): Robert Trainer, Andrew Pratt, Malcolm Durham, Sandra Bell, Diane Zichelmanis, Diane Trainer, Carol Stokes, Deborah Rountree, David Magson, Les Gibney, Paul Marshall.

First Row (l-r): Coleen Hart, Linda Squires, Deborah Pitt, Hazel Stott, Tracey Dodsworth, Mr Manning, Julie Oates, Jane Galloway, Patricia Teague, Andrea Carter, Yvonne Spooner.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

8 thoughts on “Newtown Junior School c1973

  1. My Mum, Mrs Joan Hall was a teacher here during this period, I was also a pupil here c1967 – 1972. Other Teachers in this period who spring to mind are, Mr R.F Glaswell (Headmaster) Mr Harker (Deputy Head) Miss Hutchinson, Miss Rutherford Mrs D,Arcy and Mrs Price.
    I have a memory of Mr Glasswell freaquently playing the Strauss Blue Danube at assembly.
    Some of the ppils of the time were Charles Rees Christine Durham, Diane Lowes Judith Banks Elaine Tott , Margeret Mcabe and Philip Eels There were of course many others but these few leap from the pages of History.

    To Diane Zichelmanis, did you have a sister called Elaine? She used to look after me for my Mum on occasion.


    • I remember Mrs Hall, I was in her class for the 2nd year in the Juniors. Also remember Miss Rutherford and Mr Glasswell, although he retired when I was there and Mr Pollitt took over as Head. (I left in 1978). Mrs D’Arcy was another one of my teachers, along with Mrs Devine


    • Yes I do have a sister called Elaine, she said she remembers you and your mum. She also said she remembers you and your mum being so nice, she wished she lived could move in!
      Her family name is Darbyshire now, she still lives in Stockton.


    • I certainly remember Miss Hutchinson to this day.
      I remember working in her garden with another youngster. I wish I could remember his name.
      I do remember she made us a poached egg on toast.
      What a lady.


  2. They always took the class photo with the fence behind,even back in the 50’s. I guess it was a neutral back ground.


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