The Blakeston Family and links to Norton?

t14181A good friend of mine has done a lot of family tree work over the years and knows she has links to the Blakeston family, long associated with Norton-on-Tees.

She recently received several family photographs – this head and shoulders shot of a young woman is Ann Blakeston. I wonder if any of the visitors to Picture Stockton know how she fits into the Blakeston family of Norton.

Details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

10 thoughts on “The Blakeston Family and links to Norton?

  1. Hi. My family tree goes back to Hugo de Blakiston and Cecilia Fitz-Ralph down through Marmaduke Blakiston – Prebendary of Durham/Rector of Sedgegield, his son Toby Blakiston married to Frances Briggs, their son Robert Blakiston is buried at St Oswald, his son Rev. Francis Blakiston Rector of Whitburne, his son was Robert Blakiston married to Margaret Tempest (her family goes down to Sir Winston Churchill), their son was William Blakiston married to Eleanor Farrow, their daughter Eleanor Blakiston B1762 – married George Robinson. Their son was George Blakiston Robinson and his son Blakiston Robinson B1827 came to Australia as an Accountant and settled in Brisbane. Blakiston was my Great great grandfather.
    Denise Robinson


  2. It may interest you that I have traced my family from Ann Blakiston Born 1833 From South Shields to the Norton Blakistons, Plus my Grand Mother came from Stockton, She married my Grandfather Thomas Pattison, her name Francis Dudgeon she was Born in Middlesbrough in 1878, then moved to Stockton and lived in 68 Lawson Street.


  3. Hi re the Photo of Ann Blakiston, she was born in South Shields in 1833 her Father was called John Blakiston, he was a master mariner Ann Blakiston is my great grandmother and she Married a John George Pattison a Mast and spar maker the name of Blakiston started out as Hugo De Blakestone that came from France Pre-1212 for Martin Birtle


  4. The name on the photo is Blakiston. My Grandfather was a Thomas Pattison dob.1873, his father was a John George Pattison., apart from Blakiston, Dudgeon was also a family name. We have got as far as 1766 to 1879. It is difficult to find this connection.


  5. I have found one Ann Blakeston b1821 marrying a Simpson Fawcett, a Tailor. No obvious link to Norton. They married in Stockton and lived at Gt. Ayton later.


  6. Does your friend beleve that she is a descendant of the old and complicated Blakestons who lived at Blakeston Hall, or of a more recent and completely unrelated family called Blakeston who lived at, or is still living, in Norton?

    If the former, it may be very difficult to find a connection. If the latter, it is possible, but,, either way, a researcher or genealogist will need to see your friend’s family tree..


      • Dear Victoria,
        How interesting. If you go to Norton Church will see a Bkakiston effigy of one who lived at Blakeston Hall. The family was important in N Yorkshire in former times with estates at Gibside., Coxhoe and others. Hope to hear from you. You can look me up if you want to.
        Lt Col John Blakiston


      • Hello Victoria,
        There are people in the Thorpe Thewles History Group who have information about Blakeston. Meetings are at 7pm in the village hall the first Friday of each month – there is one tonight. If you come, you will be made very welcome.
        When I was a boy I knew the Potters and the old house (not the hall,) and the orchard. I worked in Stockton in the late 1950’s and met Joseph Robinson, the Yarm Lane chemist. He failed to mention he had bought Blakeston.
        I have known Thorpe Thewles since the 1930’s and I live at School Aycliffe, north of Darlington.
        May I call one day? I have many happy memories of Blakeston.

        Yours sincerely, Brian Gargate.


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