8 thoughts on “Chip Shop, Station Road, Billingham

  1. I remember this chip shop when it was owned by the Dodsworth’s. Always immaculately clean and shiny.
    When I was a kid the road to the left of the shop, shown now as leading to a small housing estate, was no more than a narrow access lane leading to the rear of the shops, St. Oswald’s Crescent, etc. Immediately adjacent to that was the raised section of the old London Brick Company railway sidings. We used to play in the bushes there and regularly got told off and chased by Mr Dodsworth. We became friends when I grew up, he having sold the business and moved into Allendale Road. Lovely man with a broad Geordie accent!


  2. I remember Ochil terrace in the 1960s. Great fish and chips with scraps and a bottle of pop on a Friday night. There was a newsagent, fruit shop and grocers We kids would get a bag of sweets for threepence at Burbidges. It was a great fruit shop.


  3. I remember when it was owned by the Dodsworths in the seventies and eighties, they were some of the best chips I’ve ever tasted. Trouble was, they used half sized chip bags and any sticking out of the top were removed.
    They had a large clock in the shop, which featured in the Gazette, think the next owner was Reg Marine from Hartlepool.
    Don’t think there was ever a chippy in Braid Cres, there was one in Ochill Terrace


    • Your right Jerry, it was Ochil terrace, got the road wrong.Bainbridges was there I think, when I was at the North junior school


      • The Ochil Terrace chippy was owned by the Sandbach’s, whose son Royce was, and possibly still is, a Billingham Councillor, it was then taken over by the Hoggs, the next shop along has been in many hands, I seem to think is was a butchers shop in the early 50s, it has also been a greengrocers, owned by somebody known only as Don, and for a short time it was a motorbike shop, next door to that was Burbidges, a confectioner and newsagent/tobacconist, the fourth shop was what we now call a convenience shop, it was run by Kenny Ayre and sold all the daily requirements, bread, milk, cheese eggs and so on, I moved to Yarm in 1976 and I haven’t been in the Ochil Terrace area for at least 30 years so I don’t know if the shops are still in business.


        • The Ochil chip shop was owned by the Sandbach family but Royce was not the son, as Royce is my brother I can confirm this, as far as I remember it was my father’s aunt or cousin.


  4. In the 1950s it was owned by the Richardson family. He also was a dance band leader playing at the dances held in the Billingham Coop ballroom on Monday and Saturday nights.


  5. I called there many a time,on the way home from the Billingham Social Club on Chappel road. The trouble was, if you weren’t there early enough, he only had pineapple rings left,even though closing time was eleven o’clock. Rather than have pineapple rings and chips, my mate and me would go to the chippy near Billingham North Junior School(Braid Road I think – its been more than thirty five years since I lived in Billingham). He was usually open.


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