Ronald Scott of Barnard Street, Thornaby









Ronald Scott was a talented song and dance man who left Barnard Street, Thornaby to travel the world as an entertainer. He even recreated a Thornaby pub in Bangkok called the ‘Yard of Ale’ where he performed for years.

A much younger Ronald can be seen on the photograph entitled ‘‘Victory’s Children, Barnard Street, Thornaby c1945‘.

Details courtesy of Derek Smith.

3 thoughts on “Ronald Scott of Barnard Street, Thornaby

  1. I lived in Barnard Street. Thornaby, for some 18 years, residing in the house directly opposite the Scott family home, strange to say I never knew Mr and Mrs Scott well because they were such private people. I was told their son ‘Ronald Scott’ had gone to London to work as a musician and, it was incorrectly rumoured, he had opened and owned the Ronnie Scott Jazz Club in London. Whether he visited his parents much I can’t say which could be explained by him having moved to Bangkok, Thailand. Mr Mrs Scott had two daughters called Beryl and Doreen Scott, Beryl worked as a doctors receptionist at Dr’s Danahar, McGrath and Galloway, Thornaby’s mainstay medical practitioners, I heard Doreen eventually moved to Australia, I can recall when Beryl met her future husband Victor Storey, Victor was a well respected and admired young man who had a motorbike (having a motorbike in those long-gone 1955 days was something) and I was saddened when I heard Victor had died at quite a young age. I left Thornaby in 1960 and moved to Leeds, so know very little about Barnard Street, Thornaby news after this date. PS; I was watching a film on TV called Duffy, in the cast was Julie Gray from Princess Street, Thornaby, she also went to London, changed her name to Julie Mendez (dancer) and appeared in five films including from Russia With Love. Her siblings were Maureen, Jimmy and Laurie Gray.


  2. Ron is my Mum in Law’s brother. Any information on their parents would be nice to read as we have very little of their lives before they met.


  3. Very interesting. I remember most of the Barnard Street people, especially the Haycock family, the Family of Carmen Paleschi, the Crone family … and Ronald Scott. I was born and brought up in Lyndhurst Street.


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