‘Back from the Back’, Barnard Street, Thornaby c1954

t14249 t14249bPictured is Gladys Fulton’s mother in Barnard Street, Thornaby c1954. The caption on the original photograph read, ‘Mother back from the back’. She is possibly returning from the back street bookies… No 9 is Carmine and Tony Paleschi’s house.

An exhibition entitled ‘Victory’s Children’ (based on a photograph of Barnard Street, Thornaby c1945) is currently held at Preston Hall Museum until Sunday 12 July 2015.

To read the full story of ‘Victory’s Children’ visit www.heritage.stockton.gov.uk

Details courtesy of Derek Smith.

6 thoughts on “‘Back from the Back’, Barnard Street, Thornaby c1954

  1. My family when i was born in Henrietta St, lived in No1 on the corner of the back street at George St End from 1952. I was born in 1953. There was a place to wash clothes on the corner of George St. and across from our house was the Butchers. And at the back of our house was Georgina St was Mrs, Blacks corner shop.


    • This brings back fond memories as my Nana and grandad lived in number 1 for years. Wayne your family must have moved in as my Grandparents left.
      Grandad built the little kitchen on when I was a Boy. Wonderful neighbours and friends there.


  2. Lorraine Fulton was the love of my life and my biggest regret was listening to my parents advice, not a day in my life I havent missed Lorraine


  3. All great people Bob, although I am now 63 and have been living all over the world I always remember my happy childhood living in Weet Wood Tce Thornaby, I went to the National school in George street. (1956 -1966) We had a great Community and a great spirit.


  4. This picture is so typical of Mrs Fulton, except she never walked on that side of the street ever. Never Ever. The photographer must have got her to cross the road to stand in the sun for a better photo, and for what’s it’s worth she never visited the back street bookies, it was too far for her to walk. So the caption may have meant “Back from the baccy – the tobacconists.” meaning she’d been for Mr Fulton tabs!

    To say something apt about Mrs Fulton I ‘d say in its widest possible sense and interpretation “She made a lovely cup-of-tea”, made more enjoyable by the company of Margaret, Ray, Norman, quiet Anne and our Gladys who had her own song

    (So put your *glad rags on and join me hon’, We’re gonna have some fun when the clock strikes one. We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight, We’re gonna rock rock rock till the broad daylight, We’re gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight. When the clock strikes twelve and it’s time to end, We’ll start to rockin’ round the clock again) Gladys song – how we used to tease her with it. A wonderful salt-of-the-earth my-people- family. Bless them all.


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