2 thoughts on “The Vicarage, Norton

  1. I am not sure how long it is since this was a Vicarage, certainly I cannot recall it as such in the years that I have been visiting my grandparents’ headstone in the churchyard adjacent to the building. Probably not relevant but can I say how pleased I was on a recent visit to see that all the ivy on the edge of the churchyard had been cut down and replaced with flowers and shrubs, the Church authorities are to be congratulated.


    • A new Vicarage was built many years ago out side of the Church walls, the old house was taken over by Redhouse School and I presume will get another change of use when the School moves to its new premises.
      The grounds and flower beds are down to the Church volunteers a wonderful group of men and women who give their time free, some as old as me if not older as I discovered when I saw a Lady struggling with a barrow load of bush she had cut down herself.
      Visiting the plot where my wife lays it is always a wonderful walk through the beds so carefully tended, hats off to them. Early Spring the grounds are covered with Snowdrops, it is worth walking through just to see the displays.
      The Vicar in my misspent youth was Mr Sturt and he was the old style Vicar, church Sunday school and the choir a must no dodging out on sunny days when cricket was upper most in my head.
      Army Cadet Church Parades with a full band, Marriages, funerals, and visiting the graves of the many relatives in the old church yard, like the Green it has been a part of my life always seeming to be the same. And I suppose where I will end up.


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