B Flight 138 Squadron

t11218 t11219These two photographs show Eugene Chapman of Chapman’s Garage in the RAF during WW2. In the second photograph he is on the front row 2nd in from the right. He was in the B.FLT 138 SQDN stationed at Waterbeach and was an Engineer.

Photographs and details courtesy of Heather Schofield (nee Marshall).

13 thoughts on “B Flight 138 Squadron

  1. I am looking for evidence that Canadians served in or with 138 Squadron. Please send me a message if you have anything useful to share. Robert Nash


  2. I am publishing a history of 138 Squadron, written by Chris Ward who is a noted Bomber Command historian and author. The book will be the most comprehensive wartime history of the unit currently available. I am still looking to add any further photos, which will be attributed to the contributor. Please get in contact if you are able and willing to assist.

    Thank you

    Simon Hepworth
    Mention the War Ltd


    • Hi Simon, my name is Richard Colbert and I have just found a photo with my father in, he is in the second of two photos standing 4th from the right, he served
      with 138 squadron, B flight, stationed at Tempsford, he was the rear gunner and his name is Peter Colbert.

      Cheers Richard.


    • My Grandfather is in the first photo, seated in the second row, second from the right. His name was Kitchener Leonard Chambers (Len) and would have been part of the groundcrew. I’d be interested in any other information anyone has also.



    • Barry

      Do you have any details of your Dad’s service ? Any place names , was he aircrew or groundcrew , dates of service – anything really !

      You can contact me directly via Laura or Steve at Picture Stockton if you wish ?


    • The two bladed horizontal propeller badge is that of an LAC , Leading Aircraftman , and given Eugene’s mechanical background would suggest that he was possibly an engine fitter ?

      The top photograph shows all the B Flight ground crew while the bottom one shows the Lancaster aircrew standing , plus one or two , and their groundcrew including Eugene in the front .

      Interestingly 138 were a Special Duties squadron and dropped SOE ‘spies’ into Occupied Europe but never flew Lancasters until March 1945 .

      It is possible to find out more about a relative’s military service history by visiting the veterans-UK website and following the links ;


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