4 thoughts on “Dickens Brothers first computer c1971

  1. A friend of mine worked for Dickens department store in Portrack Lane, Stockton, and he amazed me with his tales of how each day some of the staff attended a regular morning religious service conducted by Albert Dickens himself, the Boss of this company. It appears it was up to the individuals themselves if they attended these services or not, and certainly not insisted on, but those who did attend (he said), were the favoured few and those who didn’t attend these services felt rather uncomfortable about it. I have heard of this practice in the 19th century Welsh Valleys, and in Lancashire Cotton Weaving sheds, but have never heard off it being carried on so late into the 20th century.

    One wonders did production or staff loyalty increase, or was staff turnover, or stock theft, no worse or better than in other business establishments? A relevant side issue is: Should company owners with such strong Christian beliefs – are they likewise obliged – to allow others of another faith, Hindus, Moslem’s and Sikhs for instance. to hold a similar service on the premises and should they themselves open on the Christian Holidays such as Good Friday, Sundays, Easter and Xmas, as Dickens sales store certainly did.


  2. I recall creating the long established ‘logo’ for the early Dickens DIY Hypermarket in Portrack Lane, as a young graphic-designer around the time of this photograph. The brothers were so ‘down to earth’, that in the middle of what would be now termed a ‘high-end client presentation’ (of an advertising campaign in the board-room), one of them pulled out his tin of sandwiches and a flask of tea!


    • Hi Chris,
      I know the director you are talking about, that would be Terence, my Uncle, My Dad Bob and my other Uncle Albert never took sandwiches to work as we ate in the Company Canteen.
      I do remember you and the time the company changed the logo, for new future advertising and the Logo remained with the company for many more years including being used on the TV and press advertising.
      Sadly my Dad and Terence are no longer with us, they what I call the good old days.
      Albert is now retired and enjoys life and still is envolved with church.

      regards to you
      Michael Dicken


  3. Albert, Terry, and Robert Dickens I worked at dickens timber yard on Portrack lane and also in the shop at the top end of Stockton high street I was an offsider on the vans and worked there with Terry Brown Alan Watson Tony Scott left there in 1970 emigrated to Australia


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