16 thoughts on “Unknown Church building, Stockton c1974

  1. The Chapel was St Georges Chapel which was on Tower Street… The congregation ceased to exist in 1934 but joined with St Andrews congregation thus becoming St Andrews and St Georges. In 1967 the members celebrated 100 years of the St Georges Congregation. Next year is the 150 birthday.

    My apologies I stated it was St Andrews it is not it is St Georges Presbyterian church that joined st Andrews church based on Yarm Lane.


  2. Is my memory failing me or do I remember standing at the doorway of that little chapel at the top of Tower street and watch the sorting mail?
    Certainly used by the GPO


  3. When I was a young boy of fifteen I used to work at a Builders Merchants called Henry Moat & Son in Wharf Street which is not shown in the picture but it ran most of the length of Wharf Street parallel with Tower Street and, behind the building referred to as a church. I worked there for five years or so and cannot for the life of me remember the building or it ever being a church. There was a back street behind Doctor Colin & Birds and Sherwoods Vauxhall Garage on Bridge road which can be seen in the picture, which I used to walk through on the way to the High Street and, I don’t ever remember seeing this church. Obviously from the other various postings other people have confirmed a church was there but as I said, I don’t remember it.


  4. Also appears as such on an 1897 map and the 1928/29 Wards Trade Directory. No minister is given and so it may well have shared with the Presbyterian in Yarm Lane, which had a J W McGlashan.as minister in 1928/29.


    • 1914 – Kelly’s Directory shows:
      Presbyterian Church of England (St . Andrew’s), Tower Street,
      Rev. Alexander Brown;
      11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m.;
      seat 390


  5. Hi Was it St Andrews?

    The older congregation at West Row called themselves Scotch Presbyterians and became part of the United Presbyterians. (fn. 36) There are now two congregations of the Presbyterian Church of England in Stockton: St. Andrew’s, Tower Street, built in 1861 in succession to West Row, and St. George’s, Yarm Road, 1876. The Welsh Methodist or Welsh Presbyterian church in Barrett Street goes back to 1870.


  6. A streetmap of 1893 shows St Andrew’s Chapel (Presbyterian) in this location. It looks as if it fronted onto Tower Street, so the view in your photo shows the back of the chapel.


    • HI Cliff, I was an apprentice Mechanic in this Chapel 1953 – 1955. The chapel was used for Bedford Truck repairs by SHERWOODS of Darlington. They also had a Vauxhall Car Sales shop next to this chapel on Bridge Road. The building is still there now. I remember there was a jam factory in Tower Street. I have many happy memories working in this chapel with a bunch of good lads. This was the start of my life as a Mechanic. In 1971 I started my family garage in Yarm (Brittains Garage). It is still there today run by my son Colin. The late Brian Sharp was an apprentice with me. He went on to have a large Truck garage in Haverton Hill.


      • Thanks for the history Derek. I wonder what the Victorian congregation would have thought about their building being used to repair cars. Though, come to think of it, they wouldn`t have had any idea of a “car” was!!!


      • Hello Derek, I remember Brian Sharp (Sharpy). I met him in the sauna at Stockton baths, church road in the eighties before they closed it to build the current Splash baths. At that time he was a Director at Daf Trucks at Haverton Hill when Billy Beadnell was Chairman. Brian had a farm at Stillington/Bishopton and he later became the owner of The Talbot Pub in Bishopton. Sadly I learned last year when visiting the pub that Brian had passed away.
        Last Friday I submitted a posting explaining how I replied to “Unknown Church Building”


        • Hi Fred. Brian was a good mate. I worked with him as an app mechanic at Sherwood trucks. Although he had a lot of money, Farm Pub etc. He was always easy going. A nice guy. Derek.


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