7 thoughts on “Bailey Street School, Stockton

  1. Where would you be able to find documentation off pupils that attended the school
    My grandfather grew up in Hill St
    I would like to find out if he and his siblings attended the school back in 1914 era let’s say


  2. I lived in Hill St West but left when I was about eleven. They were knocking the houses down then and we moved to Hardwick. Bailey St. was just around the corner from us and we backed on to Bailey St. School. I remember hearing Mr. Fitzgerald’s voice coming from one of the classrooms.


  3. Really like the first of your photos of Bailey Street School, Neal Toulson. Taken from this viewpoint it reveals a completely different aspect from that which would have been available to us as we came round the street corner to go to school!
    I attended Bailey Street Senior Boys from 1953 until I left to find a job in 1957. The only teachers names that stick in my mind from those days are; Pop Showell (Headmaster), Mr Wearmouth (Headmaster), who I think must have taken over from Mr Showell shortly after I started at the school?), Mr Brown and Mr Tingle. I also, vaguely, remember Mr Fizegerald but don’t think he ever taught me.
    Mr Brown was my favourite teacher, even now I can still see him my minds eye, ‘rolling’ as he walked, as if he was still aboard his ship in a swell! It was a ploy amongst us kids to get him talking about his exploits at sea, during his time spent on a motor-torpedo boat, as this would take a chunk of the time away from the lesson he was teaching! I also remember his habit of throwing a blackboard rubber in the direction of some pupil/s who were misbehaving themselves in his class, it would usually ping off the desk top in front of them! Great memories that haven’t faded away in nearly fifty years!


  4. The second photo was taken from Bath Lane close to the Bath Hotel that Paul Frosts father ran.. The new homes were in fact Victoria estate. I went to Bailey street, just prior to it been demolished Victoria estste was constructed. The last headmaster at Bailey Street was Mr Fitzgerald.


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