8 thoughts on “Green Dragon Yard c1981

  1. I worked for J F Smith ltd the boiled sweet makers [NEBO] from 1959 until 1961. I was a warehouse youth. The second door on the left was the warehouse, Mr Brown foreman, with a young man called Lewis. The white building on the left was the office and in the background to the right was the where the boiled sweets were produced including the best seller Munchie Crunchie Toffee .I used to take the orders on a handcart to the shops in Dovecote Street.


  2. I think I’ve seen this yard called several things, but it’s technically not Green Dragon Yard, that’s further along through the passageway. Calvert’s Yard/Square is more likely as it was off Calvert’s Lane.


      • Wasp’s Nest yard is still there and now home to a micropub called “The Wasps Nest”, the entrance to the yard is right next to the pub. There are also several houses/flats off the yard.


        • Yes it is, it goes from Silver Street through to Calvert’s Lane, next to the Wasps Nest pub. There is still a Flea Market but it is in Hodgson’s Yard which you can get to from Finkle Street or the passageway between Green Dragon Yard and Calvert’s Yard.


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