Tweed Jacket, H & W Martin gentleman’s tailors at No.75 Norton Road

t14815t14816Found in a Northallerton Charity shop outlet, a gentleman’s fine herringbone tweed jacket made by H&W Martin, tailors of 75 Norton Road, Stockton-on-Tees.
This Jacket, judging by it’s styling, must date from pre-WWII, or even earlier. The business is purported to have been in Stockton since 1878.

Photographs and details courtesy of Chris Bailey.




21 thoughts on “Tweed Jacket, H & W Martin gentleman’s tailors at No.75 Norton Road

    • Hunter Martin used to call into the lounge of the Castle & Anchor pub on a regular basis when I drank in there back in the seventies, quite tall and always well dressed and as I recall he wore a bowler


  1. Hunter Martin came from a long line of tailors. His father was William Martin. The family did originate in Scotland and did at one time live in and work from Dovecot Street, I believe he was baptised Hunter… Terry being a familiar name, but not sure where that came from. In the early 1920s the Martin Family lived on Norton Road a few doors from the Dawson family. (Victoria Terrace?) Hunters brother Wallace married Lena Dawson. Lena was my fathers twin sister! I do remember my cousins’ ‘Aunt Jesse’ and ‘Uncle Terry’… both extremely smart. Sadly Wallace died at an early age leaving a widow and three daughters.


  2. His sister was Miss Martin who taught at Richard Hind junior school, from memory year 3. Miss Martin also took great care of her appearance and was very tall and regal looking.


  3. Hunter Martin (I believe actually christened Terence) was my maternal grandfather – it’s a pleasure to read these comments here. Sadly, he outlived both his children, so the history file is a little hazy – we never ask enough questions of our parents and grandparents. I do remember though that his dapper attire included a silk scarf with a gold pin through it, and he wore beautiful calf-hide ankle boots polished to perfection. His suits were usually very bold checks. All in all – he looked the part of a Gentleman Tailor!

    Footnote: unlikely though it is, my paternal grandfather was ALSO called Hunter, and the name has been passed on in the family, the latest, who would have been Hunter’s great, great grandson, christened earlier this year!


  4. The shop I remember was in the High Street next to Wilsons. Mr.Martin was the best dressed man in Stockton. He usually wore brown including a brown bowler. He also made Hunting clothes. He had clients nationwide. I also remember the Pinkney sisters, tailoresses. The worked for Mr. Martin for a lifetime. Two lovely ladies and stalwarts of Brunswick Chapel.


    • There was a Mr f Morton worked for Maxwells, very well dressed man. Both of them lived near each other in Victoria Ave Norton


  5. Does anyone remember that Hunter Martin until quite old age used to walk to his shop every day from his house in Norton


  6. The shop is now a plant hire shop and still has its bow Windows, Hunter Martin lived off Norton Rd and used to walk to his shop every day. A real gentleman who always took his hat off when you spoke to him.


  7. Would 75 Norton Road printed on the label inside the jacket be the address he moved to after leaving the High Street in Stockton?


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