7 thoughts on “Stockton Sports Centre c1972

  1. Yes its definately the “Stockton” Sports Centre (or Tilery Sports Centre as we used to call it), my Nana used to live right next to it so I used to go regularly.
    It had a bowling green and the man in charge taught me how to play – he also taught me the origin of the expression “mind your P’s & Q’s”


    • The bowling green was there a very, very long time before sports centre was built, I remember a Mr Thompson the Mr Towler? Both men lived in the detached house near main road, St James Hall was just behind this, the house came with the job (re manager) we always called them. I played bowls many a time in 60s with my Swainby & Danby Road mates, before sports centre went up their was a sort of building that I never knew what it was or used for but remember punch & Judy was put on every year near it, wonder if the building was used for a ball game of sorts perhaps played with rackets, many a horse show & army & navy display took place in the days so long ago now, I remember horse jumping taking place & of course the fair grounds! Massive, Billy Smarts circus with llama’s grazing on the rec grass, happy days.
      All the best.


        • I seem to remember young lads & lass’s using rackets hitting a ball and playing almost like you would playing squash? The endwalls were inverted? and punch & Judy would be put on for kids, not many TVs in those days. Mr Thompson then Mr Towler kept the bowling green beautiful, mam & dad lived at 1 Danby Road in mid 60s and our living room window looked onto the back of the building housing the bowls & putting golf balls & putters, on other side of bowling green, the teapot lid, rocking horse which could seat about 8, there used to be 2 slides, one very high, a Tilery kid fell off this slide and it was taken down but smaller one left for the kids.
          All the best.


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