St. John Ambulance Brigade, Billingham ICI Division

t15044St. John Ambulance Brigade (Billingham ICI Div.) en route to inspection in London, 1954. The St. John Ambulance Brigade had an annual inspection every year, at Sir Leonard Ropner’s estate in Bedale, but in 1954 they attended the grand gathering in London, where they appeared before the Queen in a grand march-past.  The photograph was taken on Billingham Green, before departure.  Remembered personnel are: Frank Eley (2nd. from lt.), Bob McDowell (5th from lt.), Bill Burns (7th from lt.), Alec Geddes, Div. Officer F. E. Shaw, Ralph Fernie.   Family members in the bus:  front two windows; John Fernie; your humble servant in silhouette; Mrs. Shaw, my mother and another unidentified lady; remainder unidentified.

Photograph and details courtesy of Malcolm Shaw.

1 thought on “St. John Ambulance Brigade, Billingham ICI Division

  1. Sadly, I heard that Malcolm Shaw who posted this photo and has been a regular contributor to Picture Stockton over the last few years, died at his home in Arizona yesterday (28 July). We were childhood friends in Billingham but lost touch when we both went to university, finally being reunited thanks to this Picture Stockton website after a gap of almost 50 years.


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