Tank Waggons on the Clarence Railway in 1985

t15005 t15005aThe top view shows the Seaton Carew Road and surroundings, in Port Clarence, from the north side of the Transporter. The side of the bridge can just be seen, and in the far distance is the Hartlepool AGR nuclear reactor. Anderston’s magnificent iron foundry, which was on the river side of the railway, but in alignment with the road junction, has been replaced with two plastic coated corrugated steel buildings.

These were the standard form of industrial steel building in the 70s and 80s, the technique having been developed at Dorman Long. They still seem to be in existence. The brick buildings in the middle foreground, possibly dating from the 1950s, and look disused, have now been demolished.

The other image, which is an expanded view, shows four tank waggons, probably carrying oil or chemicals to or from the vastly expanded chemical complex and oil terminal on the north bank of the Tees. Note the large tank farm in the top view on the horizon.

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

2 thoughts on “Tank Waggons on the Clarence Railway in 1985

  1. The railway tank wagons are ICI Caustic tanks which travelled between Runcorn in Cheshire & Seal Sands – the large Tank Farm in the distance is the Greatham Tank farm which, at the time, was operated by Phillips Petroleum (now operated by ConocoPhillips)


  2. Thank you for the photo’s. Everything looks so good from top of the Transporter Bridge. But as we all know, it hides the start of the decay and demise of a once great area.


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