15 thoughts on “Mrs Kilcoyne and pupils, St. Patrick’s School

  1. This was probably taken around 1967/8, as I left to go to Stockton Tech. I’m centre back row, I’ve no idea where any of my former class mates are now.


    • It was 1969, we were in 4th year. I was 15 in April 1970, and left in July 1970 to start an apprenticeship at VW. I am Steve Mackey, middle row, next to Elieen o’Hara!


      • Hi Steve remember putting your mum’s window through in Derby Street when we were kids. Sorry to hear of the passing of Mrs kilkoyne. Regards Terry Riordan


  2. Anyone out there still in touch with Anne Pevler? We became good friends at work in the early 70’s but lost touch a hand full of years ago.


    • I knew her in the mid 70’s when she worked at Butlin’s Filey. Kept in touch till early 90’s. Was living in Norwich and was called Costello by that time


  3. There are 34 pupils in the picture but only 33 names in the fair copy on the back of it. Who has been omitted?

    As for date, later than mid 60s, I think. Several of the class were born between autumn 1954 and autumn 1955. How old are they in the picture? The lads on left and right are nearer 15 than 10!


    • Micheal Keelan, front row far right. His dad Frank Keelan built the school! Opened around 1964. I was there 1966 to 1970. I am in that photo!


  4. Early 70s (72/73), I’d say.

    And coming back to the other pic of staff you posted recently I recognise art teacher Mr Valentine as well. He came over to Our Lady & St Bede in Stockton in the 70s. I’d say that pic was late 60s (Mr Valentine’s hair and tache being a ’67 and later thing).

    Glad to hear your mum’s doing well. Years since I saw her (a schoolfriend of your brother – regular visitor to Barker Rd in the late 70s).


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