Class at Bailey Street School c1963

t15224This photograph was taken at Bailey Street School, Stockton-on-Tees c1963.
My name is Colin Hutchinson and I am on the middle row, 6th from the left, on my right is Geoff Smith.
Can anyone name the teacher and the rest of the pupils?

Photograph and details courtesy of Colin Hutchinson.

14 thoughts on “Class at Bailey Street School c1963

  1. Hi Colin great to see the old class again the lads next to Kenny Allinson are Dennis Wright and Les Blasco and the boy on the right of me at the end of the row is Robbie Carson. Hope this fills in some more gaps. Dave Dodgson


    • Hi Dave

      Great to hear from you, last time we met was on the Grosmont walk lovely surprise.
      Thanks for the info I found the photo at my mums after she passed away and it was in pristine condition. I hope everyone manages to see it and feel free to download for keepsake. Hope we bump into each again sometime regards Col Hutch


      • I still have the photo but not in such good condition. It is great to know all the names I had forgotten. Though I still remember Jean Renwick a lady I loved from afar. Jeff Smith ,Jean Renwick, Kenny Burns, Pam Gooder and a few others all ended up at Hardwick School. It is good to know that there are still a few of us still around.
        Terry Smith


  2. Hello, I’m David Brownless.

    I have fond memories of this school, I am 5th across from the left on the top row. With Keith Nattrass to my right & Kenny Allison to my left.


    • Hello David thanks for the info great to hear from you, I hope all good with you fantastic memories of a good school and good friends
      Col Hutch


  3. Hello Col, I’m June Tye nee Dovaston 4th from the left on front row and there’s a few I know. First row, from left Angela Dickinson, Carol Maunder, me, Miriam Parrish, Mrs Plumb, Carol Hunter, Barbara Hall, Hazel Smith, Jean Renwick. Middle row. Pamela Gooder,third Glynis ?, Christine ? Christine Spears, Brenda York, Ann Spacey. Hope this helps.


    • Hi June, sorry late reply thanks for the info it is nice to put names to everyone I went to Tilery school from Bailey Street and lost touch with most people because we all went in different directions when Bailey Street closed.
      Hope you’re well


  4. Hello Colin my brother says he thinks 1st boy is Terry Smith next is David Pitt then my brother Kenneth Burns then Keith Dunhill, David Brownless, Kenneth Allison. Next two unknown then Kenneth Purdham, David Dodgson. 2nd row 5th Jeff Smith, 8th first row Leslie Blasco. I think 4th girl is Jean Dovaston 9th girl Jean Wrenwick 2nd Angela Dickinson. I hope this helps you Colin. David Dodgson use to come to our house in Denton Close, Hardwick for our mam to style his quiff. Terry Burns.


    • Hi Terry
      Thank you for putting the names to the faces, I think your brothers right about them all, the reason I have posted the photo is I bumped into Jeff Smith and Colin Henderson a few weeks ago and it was a nice surprise that after 53 years they remembered me . Once again thank you.
      Col Hutch


    • Hi Terry, good to hear this little anecdote from when I was a lad . I remember your mum very fondly. I also remember your Dad picking us up from school in his car. A three wheeler Reliant if I remember correctly. Give my regards to Kenny he and I were good friends at school. David


  5. Hi, the teacher in your picture is Miss Plumb, she was one of my favourite teachers. I don’t know any of the pupils as I was in Mr Brown (senior’s) class. After Bailey St School was demolished I went to Hardwick


  6. Does any one out there have photo’s of The classes at Roseworthy Junior or Roseworth Secondary from 1957 to 1968 my parents would not buy them Bryan


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