16 thoughts on “Cliff Richard in Panto c1959

  1. Hello everyone! I’m making a documentary for Channel5, about Sir Cliff Richard and Christmas, and I”m looking for people like yourselves who have seen Cliff in panto, to send in a short message to Cliff, wishing him a Merry Christmas, and telling him of your memory of him in panto.

    Would anyone be interested? It would just be a very short video taken on your phone, and I will edit them together in a message for Cliff at the end of the documentary.

    What do you think?
    My email is Anna.proctor@kingofsunshineproductions.com – please let me know if you’re interested!



  2. All I recall of the panto was my 3 year old brother throwing himself into the arms of the panto cat. I was 13, far too old to be pleased with something so common as pantomime, no matter who the stars were. I was a ( insert the derogatory term of choice……. you will not find one I haven’t already thought of. )


  3. I was a dancer on this pantomime with the Tessa Davis dance group I was 14 yrs old at he time I got Cliff and the Shadows autograph numerous times we travelled to Hull and Doncaster with them. happy days


  4. I believe this was his first pantomime. I went with the Brunswick Chapel girl guides. I also waited outside the stage door to get his autograph (didn’t succeed as I was at the back of the queue).


  5. I should have been there, Mum had got us tickets, alas I ended up in hospital, Mum got me a signed photo of Cliff and brought it to the hospital, it mysteriously disappeared.


  6. I was there too and have seen Cliff every year since, last time this August. I was 13 and it was just so exciting to see him after watching Oh Boy.


    • Hi Janet. I don’t suppose you have any photos/posters/programmes for seeing that first Panto do you? I’m working on a Cliff Richard documentary and would love seeing personal archive!


  7. I was there with my sister Yvonne Burns, our grandad use to get the tickets from Head Wrightsons not sure if we got a selection box or 5 shilling when we went in. We use to go to the abc minors on Saturday was sixpence great times keneth burns .


  8. I was there too, aged 15. That Christmas the BBC asked viewers to vote for whichever entertainer they would like to see interviewed for a show on Christmas Day, and it was guaranteed by BBC that it would happen, no matter who it was. It could have been Elvis. But the winner was Cliff Richard and the TV crew interviewed him at the Globe. During the interview he accompanied himself on a guitar, or pretended to, and sang ‘Livin’ Doll’!


  9. I was there as an 8 year old. It was the first time I saw The Shadows live and have been a life long fan of the group ever since.


  10. I was there with my Mam, Dad, Brother & Sister. For an eleven year old it was magical. Cliff and the Shadows were great entertainers as, Cliff still is.


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