Nativity Play, St Patricks Infant School c1955

t15183Christmas Nativity play by the children from St. Patricks Infant School taken in the Church hall, Thornaby c1955. Top row Pauline o’Brian, then me (Lesley Kilcoyne), Christine Keelan played the part of Mary, behind her Mary Battersby and Stella Jackson.  Many familiar faces but names escape me…

Photograph and details courtesy of Lesley Wilson.

14 thoughts on “Nativity Play, St Patricks Infant School c1955

  1. Hello Lesley I don’t know if you will read this but in the nativity photograph on your left is Philip Peake and the next one stood up is me John Frank. I lived round the corner on Lanehouse Road. We were in the same class through school. Hope you are keeping well, I have a lot of good memories of St Pats. Regards john


      • Hi Sandra I lived at 191 Lanehouse Road my mam still lives there, I left school in 1965 will we have known each other. Regards John


        • Hi John. I am not sure if I would have know you. Is your house near the Pats school? I live in Rotherham now. Please will you ask your man if she knew Tommy and Sylvia Dover. Also does she know Linda Thomas. Regards Sandra


          • Hi Sandra my mams house is opposite the Mandale Hotel. My mams name is Joan Frank she was the lollipop lady at the Pats and round the corner on Thorntree Road for donkeys years so you could know her. Regards John


            • Hi, I do know your mam well John. She always used to speak to me. She knew my dad Tommy Dover. Please say hello to her from me and tell her that I am well. Thank you. Regards Sandra


              • Hi Sandra my mam was glad to hear from you she said to say hello and is pleased you are keeping well. You say you are in Rotherham now, we spend a bit of time down that way we have a lot of family in Rawmarsh, when we get down we spend most of our time at the Trades and Labour club. Hope you keep well, regards John.


                • Hi John. Lovely to hear from you both. I have lived here for 46 years now and live my life here as I have a good social life. I do a lot musically as Well. My dad Tommy was musical. I do know Rawnarsh. What a coincidence. Please ask your mum if she remembers our time in Belvadere Road with Emily. Keep well all of you. Regards Sandra


  2. Hi Mrs kilcoyne was a lovely lady I remember playing with Lesley at their house. Her sisters Frances and Mary? were always very nice. Eleanor Cartwright (Riley)


    • Hi Eleanor (Sugar?)
      Lesley here. I replied to another comment you made asking if you were known as Sugar Riley who lived in flats. Paddy was the eldest. Seem to remember you were a bit adventurous?


      • Yes I was but we all grow up sometime lol. I did remember Paddy and Francis and of course your lovely mum. How are you all I think you’re in Wales now?


    • Mr Costello was my Dad. He spend nearly all his teaching career at St Patrick’s, retiring in the 1970’s. Thank you for your comment.


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