Teachers at Hardwick Infant School

We were still Hardwick Infant School when this photograph was taken. From 1984 onward the amalgamation happened and we were Hardwick Primary School. I was Mrs Kell till 1989 when I married Roz and became Mrs Prichard.

Back row; ??, Mrs Smith, ??, Miss Henderson, Mrs Cowell, ??, Mrs Kell, Mrs Jewett, Mrs Reed. Front row: Mrs Mantle, Miss Sharp, Mrs Carson (Head), Miss Greenwell, Mrs Hart.

Photograph and details courtesy of Carole Prichard.


10 thoughts on “Teachers at Hardwick Infant School

  1. Good picture, brilliant memories. I’d have been three at the time, and still a year away from starting nursery, but I definitely remember Mrs Jewitt, Mrs Mantle (who I’m sure is Mrs Orridge, the piano player? I’m probably mistaken), Mrs Cowell, and Mrs Greenwell.

    Mrs Cornwall was head when I was there.


    • Mrs Orridge although sure she was in the junior school, was Miss McLeans? when she was at Hardwick, then went on to be head of the school in Port Clarence I was in Mrs Kell’s class, Miss Sharpe taught my Dad at Bailey St. School and was my teacher last year of infants, Mrs Hart was the secretary


  2. Yes I was, I was one of the children dressed in a nightie. Denise Baxter was the fairy queen. I don’t remember your name, you were obviously in another class. You should put the photo on the site, I have a copy but very creased. I left Bailey Street in 1959 to attend Richard Hind.


  3. What a nice photograph of Miss Sharp. Miss Sharp taught myself and both my brothers at Bailey Street, and then our sister Diane at Hardwick. Our Mam was a dinner lady at Hardwick Juniors in the late sixties and seventies (Nanny Wright).


    • Were you in a Christmas play at Bailey Street? I have a photo of one that I was in, it includes Joyce Thomas, Pamela Wynn, and lots of other pupils, and your name seems familiar to me.


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