2 thoughts on “Stockton High Street c1922

  1. When I look at photos like this one, why do I get a feeling of cosiness and community blending. Is it the man strolling across the street without the worry of traffic. Is it the people waiting to board a tramcar? Is it the blinds outside many of the shops? Or is it a yearning to experience a time I never knew but was told about by my Mum? Whatever it is, I like it, but wish I had a time-machine.

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    • Roy a time machine is not for me, I remember Stockton High Street much like that plus what was behind the facade, apart from the trams being replaced by the bus it was much the same into the 1950’s
      My Dad was 19 years old at that time, the 1914-18 war was over, there was reasonable employment around so money in the pocket, he helped his Gran with the carting business, horses being part of my life. He and Mum told me it was a time the young let their hair down and enjoyed life as they knew it which to them was Modern times. They danced went to live music halls there were a couple of Tea Rooms and Ice Cream Parlours and of course everything was outside the house. They walked- hiked, could get a train to small villages in the hills or the sea side, they had to work six days as I did when I first started work Saturday was a normal working day. It went on until the Depression started 1929-30’s. up to the war. My memory of that is children coming to school with torn clothing shoes packed with cardboard and often hungry. Fathers out of work no dole then and the old age pension a pittance, my parents always managed as people always wanted things moving and Mother was a dress maker, I never suffered what a lot of children my age did.
      The second world war was a relief, it brought full employment including women, money to spend and with school meals Government Canteens and child minding cribs children ate again.
      If you lived it you would not want to go back, when the war and Austerity ended well into the 1950’s then the young did what my Dad had done started to enjoy life though they wanted more and over several decades finally got it. That is life always onwards always upwards.


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