Riverside View of Head Wrightson Site, 1972

This was originally intended to be a an artistic view of Head Wrightson’s taken from the opposite side of the River, just about where the North Shore Branch of the Clarence Railway terminated. It is just about possible to make out, what I think are the boilers for an AGR nuclear plant lying in a row, ready to be floated down to the appropriated coastal location. I think other people have confirmed this.

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

2 thoughts on “Riverside View of Head Wrightson Site, 1972

  1. I remember that when I was in the Apprentice Training School in 1952, Harry Soppet arranged for us to stand on the Head Wrightson’s river line with placards with a message of welcome, as there was some important visitor to Teesside going past the site by motor launch. It may have been the Queen, but I can not remember the details.. It would be a very interesting if any one has a photo of this event, also the details of the visit.


  2. The boilers were massive things, 8 yards wide x 20 yards long, (guessing) and were never able to be to be transported by road, thus they were built near to the river. They were never lined up, maybe one ready for launch whilst the next was being built. The welding had to be done under a certain temperature so when manufacturing would be under cover. I worked as a joiner and alongside the shipwrights. We prepared the boilers for launching and I was present on a few of them. There were 12 made for Bradwell and 4 for Dungeness.


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