Sheraton Comprehensive School c1982

These four photographs taken c1982 show a group of pupils from Sheraton Comprehensive School on a field trip to Dukehouse Outdoor Centre near Hexham. They did a number of outdoor pursuits which included hiking and kayaking, they practiced the kayaking in a supervised pool before they were allowed out on the river. I don’t have any names for these pupils but possibly somebody may recognise themselves…

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

6 thoughts on “Sheraton Comprehensive School c1982

  1. Photo with head scarfs was approx 1978 Hexham Dukehouse Wood.

    I can see Alan Harland, Graham Conlin, Ian Fawcett, Geoff OConnor, Ken Bowsfield, Ste Ellis, Peter Mcneil, Alan Lambert (myself), Trev Young, Graham Hornby, Ian Green and Anth Henderson – last one I don’t know top row second from left ?? Must be Nigel Clark according to other comment.


  2. This was taken around 1978/79
    Recognise several of the People,, Alan Lambert, Ian Fawcett, Peter McNeil, Graham Conlin, Jeff O’Connor, Neil Henderson, Nigel Clark & Ken Bousfield,


    • The photo with the Boro scarfs was taken about 1977/78. I’m in the photo (Trev Young) sticking my face through in the middle. Also Alan Lambert, Steven Ellis at the back.


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