8 thoughts on “Unknown People

  1. The first picture is inside the Unitarian hall which was in wellington street across the road from the American Tavern.
    The soldier in the first row had come home early from the war (2nd) and I believe was from the local area.
    The lady sitting in the second row on the left is my grandmother Mary Ridley.
    My uncle Bob told me about it years ago. Other people I recognise Mrs Pemberton and Mrs Bramley both from Sydney Street.
    I have the same photograph in our old Gardner family album.


  2. The lady in the back row, second from right and in front of tall man, could be my late aunt Una Rickaby of 14 Mill St. West. She was a good piano player of the popular tunes up the day and was still entertaining well into her 80’s. It is quite possible she was at this event.


  3. The soldier in question was Maurice Richards who lived in 14 Sydney Street, with his father to his left. Maurice later worked for Ringtons Tea, delivering around the region.
    My mother-in-law is on the back row 5th from the right, Doris Butler who lived in 18 Sydney Street.
    This photo appeared in “Remember When” in the late 90’s included in an article sent in by his daughter Sandra telling the story of her father and his work for Ringtons. The location was, according to Sandra, the Corporation hall and from what I can remember Sandra wrote to say her father was evacuated from Dunkirk then later in the war he became a prisoner in Italy! The original article put us back in touch with Sandra and her family after losing touch for many years and we meet up still.


  4. This was a meeting in a hall on Wellington Street Stockton, it was to welcome home the soldier sitting on the front row. He had been a prisoner of war and and this meeting and photograph was held to welcome him home. Most of the people in the photo belong to Sydney street and the streets that are in that area. I know this because the lady on the extreme left of the second row is my Nana (Grandmother) her name was Mrs Ridley and she lived on Sydney street, the seventh house on the right from the wall at the end of the street. Her daughter was Olga Ridley who became Olga Gardner and we lived at number 56 Sydney Street.


    • Brilliant explanation David, that accounts for why the soldier is looking so happy.
      His happy face is in stark contrast to those around him!


    • Mr. Gardner is correct, the couple in the back row are Mona Ellis (who lived in Sydney St. in those days) and her then boyfriend, one of my late brothers, Ernie Cooper. Ernie emigrated to Australia in 1950 and died in NSW in the nineties. The photo appeared in one of the very early editions of the Gazettes Remember When, with a few names given, my brother was listed as unknown, we lived in Grays Rd.


    • The lady tenth from left in back row is Mona Ellis, who lived in Sydney St., the eleventh from left is Ernie Cooper who lived in Grays Rd.


    • So from 56 Sydney Street you could see my bedroom window at 14 Bute Street and climb through the hole in the wall to play back street cricket?

      Allan Marshall


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