La Ronde, Billingham Town Centre c2006

Demolition of the former nightclub La Ronde in Billingham Town Centre, August – October 2006. Who enjoyed a good night out in La Ronde?

Photographs courtesy of J Sculley.

10 thoughts on “La Ronde, Billingham Town Centre c2006

  1. How ‘fab’ was the nightclub scene on Teesside in those days. The La Ronde was great but the Fiesta was nearer to where I lived. The thrill of the Casino and great acts too numerous to mention. We didn’t have much money in those days so always went to ladies nights which were free. I’ve lived away from Teesside since the early 70s and hardly recognised it when I went back a couple of years ago. I swear we had the best days.


  2. Wednesday night was stripper night. A good drink in the Astronaut, and then into the La Ronde. I lived a few hundred yards away in Roseberry Road, which was very handy. Teesside had some good night spots in the 60’and 70’s. Some of the best acts around came here in those days. Nothing now.


  3. I spent many wonderful nights here. In the early days the casino was operating and bands from around the world, and nearer home played to appreciative audiences. Unfortunately the rise of Disco and downgrading the restaurant to a burger bar changed the clientele too.


  4. For a while it was the place to go. I can recall a riotous night when a group called East of Eden played a set including their hit Jig a Jig. The club was in uproar.


  5. I used to go there with friends, Dave Whitney, Paul Adams and others. I played Blackjack quite a bit but also loved the acts they had. Saw Bob Munkhouse, great stand-up comedian.
    Those were the days when a Nightclub was a place for all ages and included the Fiesta in Norton.


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