Bentley’s Nightclub Prince Regent Street, Stockton c2017

Bentley’s was one of ‘the’ places in Stockton to go and boogie the night away in and probably even before disco too?
Close by was Tito’s in Brunswick Street, The Birds Nest in Yarm Lane and I seem to remember through the alcoholic haze of time Cizano’s and Bianco’s both also in Prince Regent Street. The ‘big two’ in Stockton were of course The Club Fiesta in Norton and The Kirk in Kirklevington and long before The Mall and is subsequent re-inventions appeared!The front of Bentley’s was fully boarded over for a long time and then removed possibly for re-development so I thought I better photograph the frontage before it disappeared for ever. Good times! Taken 17 September 2017.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

22 thoughts on “Bentley’s Nightclub Prince Regent Street, Stockton c2017

  1. Tito’s became Bailey’s then Bentley’s which was always located in Brunswick Street. Bentley’s arcade had no connection to the the nightclub of the same name.


  2. In my day, the building to the right of the the Bentley’s amusements shown here, was Cinzanos bar, I don’t think it ever included the Bentley’s bit. Connected to Cinzanos, next-door and upstairs was Biancos nightclub. Didn’t go there too often as The Mall was in its heyday.

    How many names has the upstairs bit had?
    Inn Cognito
    Peppermint Park
    The Regency Rooms

    Anybody got any more names to add to the list?


    • I’ve seen somewhere the suggestion that it also had the names Refexions, Centrefolds, The Sink and Strings?

      Anybody know what the building, were these nightclubs were, was originally?


    • Bentleys was on Brunswick Street upstairs in what was previously Tito’s, downstairs was later opened as Buddy’s bar I believe in the early 80’s.


  3. I may be knocking on a bit now, ok a lot but I could have sworn that Bentley’s Nightclub was a two story building NOT on Prince Regent Street but somewhere like Brunswick Street? Equally I thought the only NIGHTCLUB on Prince Regent Street was the Inn Cognito?

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    • I agree, I always knew it as the Inn Cognito, and Bentley’s was as you say in Brunswick Street. Friday nights in the 70’s going between here and the Electric Onion which I preferred. Great times to be young.


  4. This is not Bentley’s night club. This is Bentley’s Amusements/Pool Hall on Prince Regent Street which I think previously formed part of the Incognito night club. Bentley’s the night club (previously Titos) was on Brunswick Street next to Buddys and opposite what was the Evening Gazette office which itself eventually moved to Yarm Lane. I spend many many hours in Bentley’s and have fantastic memories from there back in the 80s. Check this link for the real Bentley’s.


  5. When the gambling club was taken out of the downstairs bit, that’s when they replaced it with a disco. As young drinkers we went in to the disco most weekends as it was the first of its kind down the town. We never ventured upstairs as at that time as it was still a proper nightclub up there with real acts on the stage and of course there was a strict dress code to go upstairs.


  6. When I was at the Art College in Middlesbrough, I worked on the spotlights at the Fiesta for £6.25 a week! We used the ‘Kirk’ and the Coatham in Redcar for our dances. Jethro Tull at the ‘Kirk’ booked for 50 quid, ticket price £2!


  7. Don’t forget the 21 Club, The Inn Cognito also on Prince Regent Street, The Electric Onion under the Swallow and Pharaohs on Norton Road. I met my wife in the Inn Cognito in June 76.


  8. I worked for Power Gas and got paid a whole $7 every month (don’t ask!) on a Thursday. Needless to say Club Tito’s saw a lot of fellow employees there on pay day. Loved seeing that hypnotist’s act – Martin St James? I learned a lot about different drinks and how to handle myself. Came in handy when I moved to the States.


  9. I remember Tito’s fondly. It was great with a disco downstairs and cabaret upstairs. I only once went into the casino which was like a private club. Happy days.


  10. Though we must not forget the Incognito in Prince Regent Street. I had some fun nights there with Kevin Danks, Devo & the boys.
    If I remember correctly Tito’s was managed by Javid then turned into Bentleys when the Baily organisation pulled out. Javid holding onto the club then as owner.


    • Tito’s was a top class club when it first opened we saw Tom Jones just getting started, Kathy kirby and many others who were or became top acts. We had stage side seats every Sunday because Tommy Hayton did the manager a favour.
      There was a Casino and in a break between acts I would put money in one pocket and gamble on the tables, any winnings went into the other pocket untouched so one pocket emptied and that was it walk away then count what was in the other pocket quite often a goodly sum. I had watched lads lose their wages as a lad and in the forces, gambling did not pay but have some fun if you had a little spare cash.
      It was known in those first months in the army I always had money, I also had a little red book and boxed so lent money and got it back with interest until it was quietly pointed out it was against Kings Rules and Regulations. Oh well it was good while it lasted and I also owned the only working iron in the platoon so still made money.


  11. Bentleys was of course previously Tito’s which preceded the Fiesta opening in 1966 and very popular. When it first opened Tito’s had an integral casino which it lost due to changes in gaming act.
    This was death knell for top class acts and ultimately for Tito’s itself and of course other venues.


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