Old Quarry Railway, Ozzy Wood

A photograph of the cutting where the old quarry railway from the back line of Norton Junction entered Ozzy Wood. See Britain From Above image from 1949, and Picture Stockton photograph ‘An aerial view of Roseworth 1966′ that show the course of the old line curving across a field.

Photograph and details courtesy of Alan Boardman.

13 thoughts on “Old Quarry Railway, Ozzy Wood

  1. The Tees Valley is full of boulder clay from the ice age glaciations, and I would guess that it was used for making bricks or tiles.


  2. Loved going exploring in the woods when we were kids. Also used to go on a nature walk from William Newton School with the teacher.


    • Michael the farm in the woods belonged to the family called Hawes, thus Ozzy = Hawes. Then it was Hawes = Hawsies and eventually turned into Ozzy.


  3. When did the quarry become redundant? Was it sand and gravel?
    Often quarries would be open during house building periods in the locality, and then shut. Looks 19th century, by the vegetation growth. Road transport killed quarry lines.


  4. It was part of the farm land belonging to Mr and Mrs Hawes who also owned the General Dealers under the clock on Norton Green. All my years up to going in the Army it was Hawes wood, we all knew it as that. As Boy Scouts we camped in those woods, as Army Cadets we did manoeuvres in the woods and also did our tentative courting in the woods. Hawes wood somehow in schoolboy with it parlance became Ozzie woods, I would be obliged if you could supply me with a logical answer as to how one became the other.


  5. I walked this track bed many a time back in the 1960s. There were several stone sleepers still to be found. I was told they finished up in Harpers Garden centre in one of their displays. Is this true?.


  6. Just prior to entering the wood the quarry line crossed a beck via a small stone bridge, when Harpers golf course was built the bridge was used as access from the 2nd hole to the 3rd tee.


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