14 thoughts on “Bowesfield Lane, Stockton c1985

  1. Is it pronounced Bowes-field (as in buttons and bows) or Bowes-field (as in a ceremonial greeting). I seem to think I heard it pronounced both ways as a child.


    • For no particular reason I’ve always thought the second version, but if its to do with the ownership of the Farm of the same name, then the first one sounds better, as in the field belonging to the Bowes family?, but then again it could of belonged to the Bow/Bowe family? (Bowe’s field), or is it named because the field was in the bow of the river? I guess we’ll never know, so I’ll continue to filp-flop between the two 🙂


  2. I thought it might be the Post Office too, Dave, on the corner of Cecil Street with Bowesfield Lane school on the other side. However the houses further down the street might be too posh for that! Perhaps Keith is right.


    • Keith is right about where the shop was, I even remember it. If my memory is correct the Post Office was on the corner of Northcote Street and Bowesfield Lane.


    • The “churchy building” means this must be Trinity Street. This building is still recognisable, as it still has the flat front of the shop on the ground floor. Interesting that the buildings in this terrace now have their own front space enclosed by a wall and railings.


    • Funny how your memory plays tricks as you get older, the Post Office was on the corner of Cecil St near The Royal chippie. I must have walked past it hundreds of times on my way into town towards Parliament Street and through the chuggie.


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