St Gerards Boys, Haverton Hill 1952-ish

Bill Pearce commented on the St Gerard School picture and he mentioned Peter McGrogan as a particular friend, this photo of some of the boys from St. Gerards features Peter amongst a group of classmates, I thought Bill and other ex St Gerards pupils may be interested in seeing it and hopefully naming some of the unknowns in the picture.

Back row: Alan Lavery, Kevin Deery, -?-, Peter McGrogan, -?-, -?-, (Brian Featherstone?) Middle row: Billy Burnett, -?-, Stephen Waller, Alan Gatley, -?- Front row: (Donaldson?) -?-, -?-, Dennis Dowdle, -?-

There is a little uncertainty about Brian Featherstone, Bill Burnett thinks that is who it is but can’t be fully sure. Bill doesn’t know why the photo was taken as it doesn’t show all of the boys in his class and none of the girls.

Details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

3 thoughts on “St Gerards Boys, Haverton Hill 1952-ish

    • St Gerards was at the end of Howard Crescent on Hill 60. The school was fairly small having only 4 classrooms. On Sundays the school was used as a RC church for the Haverton Hill congregation. I served as an alter boy for a couple of years along with Peter McGrogan and Tony Robinson, father Thompson was the priest at this time.


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