Roy Orbison at The Odeon, May 1964

This is how I spent my teenage years, my then girlfriend, now wife were regular attendees at both the Globe and Odeon theatres in the early 1960s, we saw an incredible range of pop acts as well as many that disappeared without trace;




This is the running order for the Freddie and the Dreamers / Roy Orbison

Ezz Reco and the Launchers with Boysie Grant and Beverley
Glen Mason
Chris Sandford and the Coronets
Tony Sheridan with the Bobby Patrick Big Six
Freddie and the Dreamers
The Federals
The Three Quarters
Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders
Roy Orbison

The show started at 6:15pm and was all over by 8:00pm, allowing for the intermission we saw nine acts in 90 minutes, it was pretty much two songs and you are off, I must admit we got quite a lot for our 10 bob. We all sat quietly, listened to the music and clapped politely at the appropriate moment, we hadn’t then suffered the screaming nonsense that came later, wonderful times, wonderful memories.

Images and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

11 thoughts on “Roy Orbison at The Odeon, May 1964

  1. I saw The Beatles at The Globe on the night JFK was shot. We saw The Beatles but could not hear them because of the screaming.


  2. Saw him at the Odeon with Diana Ross and the Supremes as his backing singers. I also met him when I worked at the Billingham Arms when he stayed there. That was when he was in a wheelchair because of a broken foot, due to a motorbike accident. Not sure if it was the same accident that killed his wife Claudette.


  3. A few years later Roy Orbison was at The Fiesta Norton a number of times. My Dad had a taxi business that took Roy Orbison wherever he needed to go and to and from his gigs


  4. My wife and I saw Roy Orbison at the Fiesta Club in Norton. Was that before his Stockton appearance? .. and can someone remind me of the name of the cinema which the Fiesta Club took over?
    Teddy Fletcher


  5. If my memory serves me right, our youth club went to Newcaslte to see Roy Orbison. He was top of the bill and the Beatles were a support act. We screamed all the way through, even the boys. Can’t remember the year.


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