Football Team (Who And Where)

I wonder if any of the Picture Stockton visitors can put a name to this football team and where the photo was taken. Second from the left in the front row is my late uncle Charles ‘Chuck’ McCorkell, I know he played for a number of local teams including one in Norton, Chuck was a Billingham lad but I don’t know if he played for any Billingham teams. I would say that this photo was probably taken in the mid 1950s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

8 thoughts on “Football Team (Who And Where)

  1. Bob Irwin I am much better looking than the player you thought was me and as Anon says he is much taller, I was only 5-8 1/2 ins then.. I never played in the local leagues only a few games for Heads and a few games for Ashmores. Merry Christmas to all our followers on this wonderful site. Hot in Melbourne at present we had couple of days at 40 degrees so I hope it cools down for Christmas.


  2. Yes it is Norton recreation ground. Top left standing could be Benny Brown but I don’t think he played for any Norton team. So this could be the opposing team to a Norton team whose home ground was the rec.


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