7 thoughts on “Grahams, Finkle Street c1970s

  1. My grandad worked at Grahams in the early 80’s after retiring from Doggerts, Fred Kell if anyone remembers him, Sadly he passed away in 2001


  2. My mother was a customer of Grahams for years, possibly because they gave her good credit terms. She bought me my first made-to-measure suit there when I was about 15, a grey Italian-style job that I used to wear to go to the Maison on Monday nights. The shop girl who worked at Grahams was called Pat Geldart. I wonder what happened to Pat!


    • Jim, you asked about Pat Geldart. Go onto the site’s “Ask Us” page, and scroll down to November 2017. Sandra Stebbings was asking about Pat.


  3. For me Finkle Street always had a magical aura about it. My older brother, Ian, was an apprentice in the printing trade and worked at Bakers which I think was next door to Grahams. Perhaps someone can tell me if it is just on the edge of this photo? This one and the related images are treasures of my memory. I was 21 when I left Stockton. Now nearly 76 these photos are hugely entertaining.


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