15 thoughts on “Stockton Arms Hotel, Hartburn c2017

  1. Lived in Hartburn and used to get our crisps etc in the little outdoor kiosk. This would be in the late forties and fifties, too young to go for a pint though.


  2. Spent a lot of time in “the arms” mid to late 70’s when it was ran by George & Jean Lacey. My brother (Jim Beall) first took me to the place in 75 when I was just 17 and his friends soon became good friends of mine, (the late great) Chris Mears, Martin Stokes, Geoff Cotteril, Lesley Mallaby, Ken Jackson and some guy called Snowy whose real name I don’t think I ever got to know were all regulars at the time. A few of us met up last December at the funeral of an other old regular Clive Gibbon, fond memories


    • Seventies was my period at “the Arms” too. I remember Mart Stokes, as well as Lesley Mallaby and Kenny Jackson (who I think are married). Didn’t realise Clive had died. Snowy was Snowy (Snowden) Mason. Other names from that period of the Arms – Alf Ganner, Denny Meynell, John Good, Nick and Chris Beadle, Mick Lee, Howard Gaunt, Pete Fairless, John ‘Archie’ Phillips, Paul Watson and Ken Costello.


  3. My friends and I used to drink there on Friday and Sunday nights in the late 1950’s. We used the singing room as it was known then. It had a piano in the corner and there were some great singers who would stand up and render a song or two. A forerunner to Karaoke but the room was always busy.


  4. Associations are great memory-joggers. In the 1950s, my Mum knew a chap who worked at the Stockton Arms and owned a new, red and black, Arial Huntmaster. As a schoolboy, I was mad about motorbikes (still am, I am off out on my Honda when I have finished this post). I used to pedal-cycle to the pub just to look at this motorbike parked outside. In the late 1980s I stayed there a couple of times when visiting Stockton (I live in Epsom). The owner used to make jokes about me supporting Darlington but his breakfasts were delicious. Perhaps I should stay there again. I wonder if the breakfasts are still as good?


  5. My grandad who is long gone now once told me he helped build the Stockton Arms when he was a brickie back in the 1930s I think he said. He later went on start his own business and had his own builders yard in Ewbank Street in the 1960s.


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