4 thoughts on “VE Day Celebrations in Hartburn, 1945

  1. This sort of street party took place all over the country in 1945 to celebrate the end of WW2 I remember the one in Hawthorne Road Primrose Hill it stretched half way down the Road. The kids had a great day. All the mothers provided something for the Party. Not many cameras about in those days, so photos are very rare of such occasions..


  2. What a mixed celebration, the memories come flooding back. Food that had been stored for six years was produced for those parties, cakes made sandwiches of Corn beef and Spam, fruit, Del Monte peaches apricots and pineapple with Carnation milk from tins, no use by dates back then. The children had a wonderful time though our parents knew the war was not over, May 8th was only the end of the war in Europe, the Troops home on leave expected to go to the far East.
    I had just started work as an apprentice, all of us who hung around together boys and girls walked down to the Palais De Dance but the place was so crowded it was impossible to dance so we walked back to Norton Green and to a huge bonfire at the top of Beaconsfield Street. Food came out, potato’s were baked in the fire we sang and danced around the fire until the Dad’s came and called the girls back home to bed. We got two days off work and the day we went back we were talking about it all when Dick Brown yelled, “come on, back to work the B@@@@@ war is not over yet” that sobered us all up. War work went on, no one expected it to end so soon, we had no idea what an atom bomb was. In August we celebrated the proper end to the war, that time the big bonfire was at the end of South Road with a lot of older people there some remembered the first world war and I heard one say, “we do not want to be doing this again twenty years from now crush them” people were not in the mood to forgive our enemies.
    Expectations rose, the war was over, it was for some but for year after our Forces were engaged in what the Government called “local disputes” it seemed like war to us mixed up in it.
    We suffered rationing of things never rationed during the war austerity was so bad I heard people say we were better off at war. They never knew how close that came in the 50 years of cold war.
    I ask why does the world seem a more dangerous place now than it ever was, my hope is the Grandchildren never see what we saw.


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