3 thoughts on “Class Photograph, Billingham South Modern

  1. The South Modern class teacher is my Mum! Joyce Burns. She taught at Billy South from about 1953 to 1956 and then took a break to have the family (my brother Pete and me, Helen). She returned to the Infants in 1962 and taught there (apart from a year at Bewley School) till she retired in 1983. Joyce died in 2015, aged 88.
    I don’t know the names of any of the children in the photo, but know she taught loads of Billingham children over the years and she was always delighted to bump into them.


  2. I have now identified the following people on the photograph:

    Back row; ??, ??, ??
    Middle row; Jimmy Charnley, ?? , ?? , ?? , Ray Harvey, ??, ??, ??, ??, Norman Downes,
    Alan ?, ??, ??, John Lax
    Front row; ? Lucas, Arthur Little, Marie Jameson, ? Noddings, Ethel Rennison, ??,
    Mrs.Burns, Gwyneth Williams, Christine Laws, Kathleen Knowles,
    Maureen Gale, ??, ??.


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